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We'll keep this thread pinned to the top of the forum for quick reference to helpful bowhunting equipment and tuning websites. Please post any websites here that you have found helpful. Thanks.

This is The Bowsite webpage. Paul Lefemine's Bowsite is very helpful in all areas like scouting, biology, gear, active blood tail tutorials. This is a must visit site.

Bowhunting & archery reveiw section on JHO


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Also, Martin Archery has good info about bow tuning and setup. NAP (New Archery Products, Thunderhead broadheads) has info about fine tuning for broadheads. Check it out.

The fall away rest idea is huge due to it's elimination of fletching contact, as well as minimizing the effect of bow-hand torque. I use the Muzzy Zero Effect and it was worth every penny to me.

Check out the No-Peep, I use one for 2 years, then bought a new bow, just put on a kisser and I have still maintained accuracy without a peep sight at all. The No-peep trains you to have the same form every shot (learning through repetition), plus you don't lose valuable shooting time late and early in the day because you can't see through your peep.

Good Luck!


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Easton Archery's Complete Tuning Guide has been referenced on this board several times. It is a great resource and is available for free download. Here is the link:

Easton Archery

Hint: right click on "tuning guide" and select "save target as". It is a pretty big pdf file and may take a while to load up if you have a slow connection.

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