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Dec 2, 2001
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This is a pretty big PDF file at 3.92MB, but is REALLY good on how to properly skin and prep fur bearers not only for sale, but for taxidermy andI just like the way they look when they are stretched like that.
One of the auction houses that you can send furs to to make money and to see what the prices and forecasts are for furs.
The other auction house to sell furs to with prices and forecasts. Notice NAFA and furharvesters are both in Canada.
Being in Alaska, gotta add the Alaska Trappers Association. They have a pretty good magazine that they offer through trapping season along with a class the 3rd week of October (already gone for 2008) up in Fairbanks which would be a lot of fun for those wanting to learn to trap, even from another state. A lot of states where trapping in a little bit more accepted than California have their own trappers association you can join.

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