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Jul 28, 2004
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My wife and I are starting a new guide service, offering kayak and canoe trips for bird watching, fly fishing, etc. However, we want to start off with a bang, so we are offering a guided dove hunt over mowed safflower fields. What we want now are tips to a good guided hunt. Give us some good ideas to bring to the field for our clients, tell us what made a guided hunt stand out for you, or what you feel would really make a good guided hunt better.
Thanks for the advice!

By the way, I'm deliberately not giving out our names, because I don't want to spoil this forum with a cheap attempt at drumming up business. Thanks again!


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Sep 30, 2002
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Just now saw your post, congrats and best of luck on your new venture!

If you're guiding perhaps you'll do well to have thermos or two of
fresh coffee (or hot water for cocoa) muffins from Costco or
breakfast bars.
A picnic lunch with a cooler full of water/gatoraid etc...It can be hot
as he)) on the Dove opener in Nor-Cal...
Take a 'digital photo' of your guest, run it through 'Ofoto' online, you
can even order the photo with an inexpensive frame, then send
it to the guest, THAT will always get you remembered and maybe
even referrals!
Last idea, I bought an laminator a few years back, if the client has
a business card, you can laminate a pair for him/her, it's easy
to make them into luggage tags (Fry's sells all the accessories in
Nor-Cal or just look for 'Royal Sovereign' ) Back in the day when
I would teach a class @ IBM I'd collect a pair of business cards from
all the attendee's within a week, after the class, the folks would
get a pair of custom 'luggage tags' from me via US mail...
Again, best of luck with your venture!!

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