Helpful Turkey Hunting Links


Mar 11, 2001
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We'll keep this thread pinned to the top of the forum for quick reference to turkey hunting websites and other info. Please post any turkey hunting websites here that you have found helpful. Please no spamming your own company or business.


California Turkey Hunting Info

JHO guide & outfitter review section.

Fort Hunter Liggett (FHL) Info

List of CA taxidermists.

List of CA butchers and meat processors

Gear checklist that people can download and print. This is a general list and no, I don't lug all this around. I check off what I need and put a dash mark by items I don't. The list also covers several types of hunting so that is why so many items.

You'll need Acrobat Reader to read and print this .pdf file gear checklist. You can get Acrobat at

Hunting gear list

Landowner permission slip to carry in the field so you and a landowner can fill out.

Emergency Alert sheet you can print out and leave on your vehicle or with your family or friends.

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