Hevishot Magnum Blends

I used the Magnum Blends this past season and was amazed how they
pattern and their effectiveness. I have not seen a better turkey


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Wingseeker if u decide to hunt turkey with a bow I recommend D.C.A. Arrows, I have used them this past year and u won't find a better arrow to get the job done, accuracy 》great quality 》great price point!.........lol

So all your post are on pushing these hevishot magnums blends are u the CEO or a sales rep for them or using them just gets u really excited and u have to really spred the word....lol....tra
The Magnum Blend's is all that I have used for the last several years.
I posted in another thread that I read Hevishot was coming out
with a new shell called Hevi 18 TSS. I will definitely be trying that one


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I got some as a test product when they first came out my ultra mag like then enough for me to switch to just using them

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I'd like to use TSS, at $50 a pound it's kind of out of my price range. Typical 12 ga. steel shot reloads run around .28 to .40 each, add the cost of tungsten shot and you are looking around $85 a box. I know it's good, it still takes a bit of shooting skill to make it work.

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