HIGH DESERT GROUND SQUIRREL HUNT with Dana from MountainSportsAirguns.com


Mar 11, 2001
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HIGH DESERT GROUND SQUIRREL HUNT with Dana from MountainSportsAirguns.com. Serious Ground Squirrel hunt using the MK1 LD and American Air Arms EVOL .30/ Special guest brings out the .45 TEXAN for some big bore fun in the camp.




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Nov 3, 2014
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Pretty cool. Theres a ton of those things up here this year. I've trapped some that were trying to get the feed from my girlfriend's chicken coop..


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Oct 13, 2014
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Soo much fun popping Squeeks!!! Just did it for the first time last weekend! Think I got like 6 or 7 out of 12 shots with the .223 with DRT's 55gr deep penetrating frangibles made with the compressed copper powder inside the jacket. The farthest was 92 yards 20 mph winds too! Right in the shoulder where I wanted it to hit! Was using the Redhead Kwik Stik to shoot off of.

I don't know why but upon attempting to upload this image multiple times.. it keeps rotating the image 180 degrees. Weird.


Went to that spot to try and call in coyotes but that soon got EFF'd over from first a GrandPa and his Grandson arriving... the guy decides to park in the same damn draw I parked at the head of...Pssh. So ok.. I see them and start going further back in there toward the mountain. ONly they keep coming and coming driving me further and further up. I finally Catch the guys attention and motion to him like "Go back that way!" Pfft, you think he did? So I shouted back calling him an EFF'n A-Hole, because he was being one. He had the whole entire bleeping area to choose to hike around in... and even after noticing the hunter with a gun... who was there before him.. he still walks on up toward my direction. Are you freakin' kidding me?

So that forced me to climb and side-hill up an extremely steep big desert hill at the limits of traction. Then.. I settle on into another couple of fingers. Wouldn't you know it... 3 dudes on DirtBikes start to riding all around me on the ridgetops to my sides. Eventually I call out to one of them whose engine was off as he watched his buddies go back up. I explained to him that I drove 105 miles to get out there, only to have you guys come right there where I was. He was cool about it and spoke to his friends and went off over a ridge and stayed outta my hair.

So any hopes of 'yotes were pretty much toast by this point. Made my way back to the ravine I blood-trailed that previous coyote into because I remembered there were Squeeks in there.

Man... that was soo much fun! I soo needed that after such a disappointing day. There was another one I wanted to try and pop that briefly presented himself at 213yds. But I couldn't get re-setup with the stiks fast enough on him.

In the PM setup the motion decoy and also laid 2 of the bloody squeeks by the the decoy. Psssh... kinda broke the antenna on the eCaller whilst trying to raise it up! Grr. Called for a bit until almost end of light, then packed it in.

I just might have to go back there with the Umarex Octane. Those cross ravine shots are soo much fun! Most of 'em were like 60yds or so.
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