Hog hunting desired near Dallas


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Feb 15, 2002
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Hey folks, I travel frequently to Texas and often visit Dallas and the surrounding areas. I prefer to archery hunt, and I am looking for an opportunity to hunt in the Dallas area or within an hour or two maximum.

I would like to find someplace that has archery platform stands with feeders in the 15-35 yard range. I don't care if it's high fenced because there is no real difference when hunting alone in an elevated stand. The hogs will either be there or not and you still have to make the shot.

Now I need a bunk house or reasonably close motel to the hunting area. I Also need a place to freeze the meat for the trip back to the Seattle area. I would much prefer to have the whole carcass ground into burger and then frozen. Ground meat which is frozen solid in one to two pound packages, packs far better into a cooler for the trip home then cuts of meat do.

Anyone knowing of a place with enough success to make it worth dragging my gear down, to hunt for two days or so with the above set-up please share the info!

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