Hogs destroying bottom of cattle tank


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With the water down at the end of the summer the hogs are loving the cattle tanks. I'm figuring out the best plan of attack for this one. This is only a couple hundred yards from the "library" where I was camped for the night on Saturday. They rolled into the feeder at midnite, 30 feet feet from my sleeping bag, and went to town on the corn. Crunching and squealing for 30 minutes or so. I just laid there and "took it'...........



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Wow that is really cool vid my freind of wild pigs doing their nighttime activity with the wallows that’s like being in pig heaven. to b so close while all that is going on is crazy. The little football striper piglets r the coolest. Set up a tripod stand and strap a night vision scope and a silencer on your pig assault rifle and sniper those suckers one by one Or put on a ghille suit and put a red dot laser scope on your pistola and ambush them or tannerite them all at once, that would b the most awesome video ever of mud slinging pork pie everywhere.....lol. tra


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