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Some people see it in San Jose all the time.
But seriously, hogs are everywhere this year, but nocturnal so far. I haven scouted seriously yet, will start in a couple of weeks.
Sonce FHL is closed, not many public places are left on my list


Oh, sorry, i did not notice you post on the vandenberg. meant some other areas
No, i do not know about this, only wish you invite me one day - wink, wink


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I've been hunting Lake Sonoma, like I do every year, and this year is like the last, not too many pigs. Two years ago it was great, saw pigs every trip out, even harvested two of them. And that's not even counting the missed shots. The game cams used to pick up sounders a dozen strong, now you're lucky to get 3 pigs together in a pic. I do most of my hunting at Liberty, but have visited Yorty this year too, and you'd usually see lots if sign near the road. Not so this year.
Friends have hunted nearby properties and are saying the same thing.
I think the lions have figured out how good pork is to eat.



last time I was up there I saw a huge boar over in C1 on the first evening hunting. Saw some hogs on the hill side over by what I m guessing is the dump. other than that haven't seen anything saw a lot of coyotes I think we counted like 22 only killed 1 since the rest were to far out of range.

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