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Oct 31, 2012
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Hey there folks,

Hope everyone out there is staying safe along with the Fam Bam! So I get a phone call from my buddy Saturday night that he had spotted a huge group while getting home. He said "I just tried one up for you and it's a nice one" usually he will be an ass and joke around and say "here is your big one" lol. Again no homo lol as I a. Happily married :)

I arrived to his place around 4am and decided to nap for a good 40 mins. He comes to my truck and scares the living crap out of me with a pig mask smh lol.

We start hiking to our honey hole and we hear them biting each other. I'm just waiting for legal shooting time and it starts.

We spot a show with her 5 piglets followed by a young boar but something told me gold on. Next thing you know I came across to pigs running away from me and decided to jump on the quad and go around them. 10 mins later boom , missed and them running shot boom hit.

Once i get to it I realized that I may or may not shoot another one like this one. Field dressed at 270lbs. Any thoughts on the age of this little piggie ?




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Sep 26, 2015
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You can age the pig by counting the molars on bottom on one side. I think the first 3 Teeth are 1 year + 1 year for each additional molar going back. It’s not precise but will be in the ballpark. The fronts don’t count. There’s some more specific info on the web if you google it.


Mar 11, 2001
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holy mackerel, thats huge for a wild pig in CA. If the guts are 30% of total weight that hog was close to 375 lbs on the hoof right? Heaviest one Ive been part of was Ricks at FHL and it was a tad over 300 lbs. The rafters were groaning on the skinning shed as we hoisted it up. I thought it was gonna collapse the shed. lol

There was another giant hog at FHL, actually two of them that ran together around the cherry patch if you know FHL. Someone killed one of the giant twins and I just got a glimpse of #2 one day as he crossed jolon rd. He took up dang near the whole hwy. Rick ran into him later walking into the TA on east side of jolon Rd and he missed at like 40 yds, his scope was loose on his shotgun i think it was. I never got a shot at him, he was a ghost for me. He looked like a black toyota truck at a distance. We guessed him at 350 lbs+, biggest wild hog ive seen in CA. Built like a friggen tank and a great set of choppers.

We have a girth chart for weight for on the hoof and gutted around here somewhere. I should repost it. Just measure the girth right behind the front shoulder and the chart shows approx weight.

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