Hooked A Mumbo Jumbo LM Bass This Morning, My Biggest To Date So Far..


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Mar 3, 2006
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Well this Memorial Day early morning i wanted to bass fish for about an hour before I had to bbq and cater to my guest today So I hit my favorite pond and Seconed cast i hooked a big one around 3 lb, it shot out the water and shook the hook off, I was like damn it would of been nice to bring it in.
So 20 min. Later as I work the bank of the pond I was at the spot where me and my friend Cought the 2 lunkers Saturday that shook the hooks off on us.
I put a fat 6 in rubber worm on my jig cast out and bam it was a hard hit and pull I thought i had a turtle or little gator but nothing surfaced I tighten the drag it almost pulled me in so I give it slack it runs i tug it to make sure the hook set and a mumbo jumbo bass shoots out the water I was like omg it's freeking huge I can't loose this so I worked it for 15 minutes till I wore it out enough to reel it in and started retriving it and wuldn't u know it the fish and line get snagged it the weed bed like 4 ft from the bank I know for sure if I try and pull through it the line will snap for sure so I didn't want to lose this fish, I kept the drag tight with the fish locked up in the weed bed and took off my shoes and socks and walked in the mucky pond water keeping my eyes open for the gator and started pulling the grass away till I see the fishes head and grabbed it's lip and got it up on the bank my adrenaline was pumping from the tug of war with the lunker and when I was holding it i still couldn't believe it.
It was around 23 in. and weighed 5.80. It seems larger then that but I am sure my scale is right. actually it was in kilogram mode I weighed it twice and it was 2.64 kg. Which is 5.80 lb.. I did my photo opps and released it back in to fight another day and I now I could go home and get ready to bbq and tell my big fish stories.....lol
I know in my other post quaildeath u were ribbing me about the steel leader but I just started using them about a week ago after i had a huge bass rip two of my strike king frogs off in a row and those run around $9. Ea., I tied a 15 lb mono line as a leader but the bass are so vicious they were cutting that line two on the strikes so I got the steel leaders and if I didn't I would of lost the one I got today.
But it's all good i am ready to break out the fly rod next which will make it more challenging and fun with regular line and flys for sure but today's hook up with this bass was awesome and exciting and will be memoralble. I am still trying to hook a double digit bass that is my goal and I know there is bigger ones in these ponds just gotta keep casting....tra



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Oct 17, 2005
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Yep I was ribbing you ;)
Based on the cover you are fishing, almost every cast is like flipping into cover even though you are casting out farther.
Your line it's getting nicked up microscopically ever retrieve. I would use 17 or 20 lb fluoro. Nothing finesse about that cover!
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