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Went to a couple of off site ponds that look real good in the neighbor hood but no life at all no action, so I head back to where I live to see if I could make the magic happen at sunset.
I was working 3 poles, one with frog one with jerk bait and one with worm.
After about 15 min I just decide to work the frog pole set up it didn't take many cast at all I had this huge bass come out the water sideways and swipe at my frog and missed. I cast agian it got my frog but it popped out so I cast one more time and it exploded on my frog and this time I get a solid hook set with a pole I just put braid on earlier today it worked flawless.
After a good fight I get it close to the bank and i step down the course edge and grab the lunker bucket mouth in amazement to the green. A family from out of state was cruising the course on their cart when they spotted me holding the pond monster came over to see the lunker they where blown away by its size and snap some pics of me holding the trophy bass then I did my selfies weighed it and released it back in peacefully.
I was totally drained after that but so freaking happy to hook another top quality trophy bass I am on fire.
And these bass aren't even at their peak weight yet my God.
Man I have had the most phenomenal past week hooking a lot of trophy bass but I still have to hook the one. Get out and hook one today before they r all gone....lol...tra

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That's a good one canam......lol
Its still not prime time these bass are not at their peak wait yet.
I had too order fish monkey style gloves this morning the crutch of my had is cut up good from all those bucketmouths I been handling.
I am heading out to a huge pond on the back course at sunset when all the golfers are done.
I never posted but early Friday morning I took the escoot on the course before the golfers hit the greens when the super moon was out. Kinda creepy, there huge gators, snakes, Panthers, but I did hook a couple and lost as couple of good ones, cool fishing the supermoon off a wooden bridge...tra

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Jeremy wade is coming out of retirement with his show " Dark Waters" should be good...
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