Hornady Lock N Load Neck Turning Tool review


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May 8, 2013
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I picked up the tool this spring right when it showed up at Cabelas. My past experience was with the Forster lathe i used for converting 270AR brass and it was a pain. It could not get the excess brass out of the neck shoulder junction leaving a doughnut. Plus the collett could not grip the 308 family brass good enough and kept coming loose. All of that changed with the new Hornady tool it grips the brass in fact locks it in tight. It has an angled cutter that gets the excess brass from the neck shoulder junction with ease. Its powered by a drill and its super fast. Neck turning now is easy and fun. Its made sturdy and is high quality. It goes for about $110 bucks and well worth it. I'll be using it for the 7mm Valkyrie AR cat project build i'm working on to convert 6.5X47 lapua brass to 7mm Valkyrie AR brass. Its and excellent investment.

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