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How much I should pay for a colt light rifle .270


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My uncle has a colt light rifle that he wants to sell me it has a leupold scope and he's only shot it 3 times. It's a .270 and I seen the receipt it said $1200 for the whole purchase ... I offer his $400 for it? Did I go to low


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I would offer $10. the right price is what you want to pay and what they are willing to accept. I haven't paid over 400 for any gun i own yet and i have ten.


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I have!! Lol its a good rifle I'm sure you'll be happy with it. Its up to him what he is willing to sell it for


if its the model i am thinking about it is a ultra light arms rifle http://newultralightarms.com/
going back a few yrs melvin forbes who is the owner of new ultra light arms sold all the rights to his rifles to colt which at that time where ultra light arms . colt made a go at getting into the light mountain type rifles market so buying these rights gave them an instant way into it.
it did not take colt very long to some how mess up the deal and melvin took back his company and then went back to building new ultra light arms
colt had made a few changes to the ultra light arms rifle when they did start to build them but i am not sure what all those changes were.
i have never seen 1 that could built so can not reply on how well they did at building them.

i can tell you that i have 1 ultra light arms in 416 express and 2 ultra light arms rifles in 25x47 and a 35 wildcat. all 3 of these are very well built and all shoot very nice groups . 2 of these have been to africa 2 times and the other 1 has been to alaska and new zealand a cpl times
ultra light arms/ new ultra light arms are the best of the best of all the mountain type light rifles out there . these 2 here in the pic are both 5lbs 1 1/2oz
with scopes and slings ready to carry out hunting

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