How To Post Your Pics in The Forum Here


How To Post Your Pics In The Forum Here

How Do I Get My Pics Into Digital Files?

You can scan your own pics with a scanner or have your film developer put the pics on floppy disks or CD-ROMs for a small fee. Once you get the pics into digital files, you need to store them somewhere on a server on the Internet so they will appear on the forum here. You CANNOT load pics from you computer hard drive directly into posts on the forum here.

Where Can I Store My Pics On The Internet?

If you want your pics to show up in the forum here without using a link, you'll need to store the pics on your ISP's (Internet Sevice Provider), server or get your own domain name and put your pics there. You can also use a free pic hosting website but you'll only be able to post links that point to where your pics are. These free pic hosting companies do this so people will visit their websites. is a free pic hosting webpage. You can go there and set up your account and then put the links to the pics on the forum pages here.

One web hosting company I can recommend that is fairly cheap in cost is AlphOmegaHosting. They have great website hosting and their customer service has been outstanding. They helped me move our old forum over and installed the new forum for me. Danny is the owner and he is a good guy. If you're looking for a small website for yourself to put pics on they have a great $4.95 month special which gives you 100 megs of storage and 5 gigs of transfer. If you need more room they have several other plans for bigger needs.

With your own domain name, your pic links will stay the same if you have to move to a new server and there won't be the little red Xs that indicate a broken pic link. With 100 megs of server space you can store a ton of pics, add a talk forum like this one, even add a chat or make a bunch of webpages too.

Geocities and many of the free webpage hosts no longer allow you to post your pics outside of Geocitie's domain, you'll just get a broken pic link (little box with red x), if you post Geocities pics here now. is another free pic hosting site but they stamp their name across the top of all your pics which is ridiculous. They are owned by a company that is a well known Internet spam company so my recommendation is to boycott them and use someone else who doesn't need to mark up your pics with their advertising.

How Big Should I Make My Pics?

Try to keep your pic files under 75k each in file size and no larger than 700 pixels wide. This will make it faster to email them to friends and they will load faster if you put them on a webpage. Only 10% of the peeps on the Internet have DSL or cable Internet connections so most of the viewers still use a modem and lots of people in the boonies have only 28k or 36k capability. Please DO NOT post huge wide pic files that are too wide for people's monitors so they have to scroll back and forth to see the whole pic. Huge murals posted here will be changed into links so people will not have to scroll by the moderators

Here are 2 free websites that will crunch your pic files down to more manageable sizes.

If you know of any good places to store pics, please post here and we'll get a listing going to choose from.

What Is The Code To Post Pics Here?

If you already have your pics stored on a server, this forum uses a code called Invision Code for posting images. Invision code is the same as UBB code for images. Click on the gray "IMG" button at the top of any forum post/reply page to see how to add the code if you're not familiar with UBB or Ikoncode. When you click on the "IMG" button a window will open up for you to put the image address into. If you don't want to use the "IMG" button to insert the code for you, you can also just type the image code in manually in the post window.

HTML code is TURNED OFF and will not work here.

How Can I Test My Pics

We have a test forum to try any pic posting or link posting. If you're not sure how to post pics, please do your pic testing there and not in a regular forum.

What's An Avatar?

It's the little image you see besides the poster's name. If you go into your profile here at the "Control Panel" link at the top of any forum page you'll see the "Personal Profile" section and in there you can pick out an avatar (pic) to use beside your name in every post.

There is a little preview window to see what the avatar looks like before you choose it. Pick the one you want and then hit the "Add my avatar" button at the end of the profile page and then WAH-LA, your pic is in every post.

If you want to make your own avatar (pic) to use on this forum please keep them under 145 pixels x 145 pixels in size and under 30k in total file size. The file must be a .gif file or .jpg file, .bmp files will not work. Animated .gif files will work too. E-mail them to me at my email listed in my profile.

If you don't have a way to make your own pic smaller, e-mail the pic and I can downsize it and make it a avatar .jpg or .gif file so you can use your own pics. If you don't have a scanner I can scan your pic also to make the image, just e-mail me for my address to send the pic.

Just remember, women, small children and dogs view this forum, no fright night shots or driver license photos to scare em off please.

Thank you for your cooperation when psoting pics here. We all love to look at pics and these simple guidelines should help make pic viewing easy and enjoyable. If you have any questions not covered above feel free to contact one of the moderators or Admins for help. You can also ask in the "Computer" forum for help there.

Happy pic posting!!!

The JHP staff

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