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I'm thinking about buying one of the Garmins with very detailed map features (the GPS III, I believe).  What's the best way to learn how to use it?  Several of my friends have GPS's but don't know how to use them.  The manuals seem confusing and too detailed.  Does anyone has classes on how to use them?  Any comments would be appreciated.


Mar 11, 2001
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Most of the GPS venders sell VCR video tapes for new owners that help learn the functions of the GPS. The tapes run about $15.00 each.

'GPS Land Navigation: A Complete Guide For Backcountry Users of NAVSTAR Satellite Systems' .... This is the Bible of GPS terms and info by Michael Tucker. This is my favorite GPS book. Excellent sections on how GPS works, how to use your GPS, limitations of GPS, GPS accessories, coordinate systems and map datums. If you only buy one map or GPS book, this should be it. Format: Paperback, 240pp., ISBN: 0965220257,  Publisher: Glassford,  Pub. Date: September  1997,  $15.96

'GPS Made Easy, Using Global Positioning Systems in the Outdoors' .... Excellent book by Laurence Lethan covering all aspects of GPS receiver use. A must read by Garmin owners. Format: Paperback, 2nd ed., 224pp., ISBN: 0898865921,  Publisher: Mountaineers Books, The,  Pub. Date: September  1998, Edition Desc: 2ND, $11.96

Other than that you can buddy up with someone who has figured their's out already or just stumble through the manual and a few long afternoon hikes like I did to learn.

The website ToddP posted is also very good for info. I have a GPS III so if you have any questions just holler.

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