Howdy Partner? Looking for a Deer Hunting Buddy for D11, D8, D12, D13 Zones


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Sep 13, 2019
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Hey gents,

I'm Jon. I'm a first-gen hunter and I've learned everything on my own...and forums, tv shows and my buddy in WI. I picked up the bow last June 2018 then went on my first whitetail hunt with a friend of mine and his pops in WI. Fun! Almost came up but shot low. All good. I learned so much and had an amazing time. One of the best things I have ever done in my life for sure.

Three months ago, I shot my first wild boar. That was also quite fun. I wanted to get the first kill done in preparation for deer season. I was planning to hit a spot in D8 that I have scouted but archery season passed and so did the 8 weddings I had to attend during summer (glad thats almost over with, haha). Either way, I scouted 3 zones in D11 and I'll be heading up in the next couple of days. This season is a bit of a wash, as planning has really already happened, but I still would like to connect with some people who live in LA proper who also enjoy hunting and fishing. I fly fish as well!

I grew up in LA but never spent much time hunting, just fishing in the summer at camp. I learned of hunting while going to college in Utah (no, I am not Mormon), just never did it out there, which I wholeheartedly regret! Lol. Either way, I now live in echo park. I just got back from my second Kernville trip. I went backpacking in the eastern sierras searching for golden trout - caught one! I like to get out but I also love music, sports, and nightlife as well.

If you're also looking for a hunting/fishing bud and live in the area, let's connect and grab a beer. We could chat about getting out hunting as well. Cheers.

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