Humane Society:"Gov. has clear history of animal advocacy."


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Jun 9, 2009
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Humane Society Legislative Fund Supports Jon Corzine for Governor

The Philadelphia Animal Advocate Examiner reports that Humane Society Legislative Fund supports Jon Corzine for governor.

"Incumbent Governor Jon Corzine has a clear history of animal advocacy."

"The Humane Society says "Corzine's running mate for Lieutenant Governor, state Senator Loretta Weinberg, has been one of the leading advocates for animal protection in the New Jersey legislature."

Regarding Jon Corzine, "Most notably, he worked with the Department of Environmental Protection to stop the controversial trophy hunting season on New Jersey's small population of black bears..."
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League of Humane Voters ("527" PAC), headed in NJ by Ms. Angi Metler, endorses Governor Corzine. (See NOTE on Ms. Metler below.)

The following links show endorsements and animal advocacy of League of Humane Voters.

NOTE: The Anti-Defamation League described as the nation's premier civil rights/human relations agency, has profiled Ms. Metler on its website under the heading "Extremism in America: Eco-terrorism." The ADL lists her as a press officer of the Animal Liberation press Office a position that speaks on behalf of the actions of extreme and militant animals rights groups as the Animal Liberation Front. Ms. Metler also heads New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance (now called Animal Protection League NJ.) (More information at the following links.)


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