Hunters kill 742-pound alligator in AL, biggest to date in state


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Thats a big GATOR!!!!!!!!

I think they should have done it the correct way if their gonna do it:

The "Capture and Dispatch Methods" of Alabama's alligator hunting regulations state that alligators must be brought adjacent to the boat prior to shooting or otherwise dispatching the animal. It is unlawful to shoot an unrestrained alligator.

Also been more prepared:

"after the initial shot" "four more close-range shotgun blasts that ate up the pair's remaining ammunition failed to kill it"

5 shells that is all you bring on the boat???? And what were they using buck shot??? I would have used slugs!!!!!! Bring a KNIFE and stab it behind the eyes in the brain pocket, once you have it bound!!!!



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AN open site 22 mag or 223 would have worked best to put the gator down or slugs like stated above.
I would like to have seen a picture of the gator stretched out.
omg, just kill the damn thing ,who cares how they did it.our laws are so screwed up. the law would rather you wrestle the damn gator for a legal kill.o but who cares about the publics health and safe beiing.friggin retards

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