Hunters Specialties Introduces Game Cleaning Kit


Mar 11, 2001
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Hunters Specialties Introduces Game Cleaning Kit


<table align="right"><tbody><tr><td>

</td></tr></tbody></table>The new Game Cleaning System from Hunter's Specialties® helps hunters quickly field dress deer, antelope, bear, hogs, and other similar sized game.

The Game Cleaning System contains a set of field dressing gloves which protect your hands and arms from blood and bodily fluids all the way to your shoulders.

The kit also contains the new Butt Out® 2 big game field dressing tool which quickly and easily removes the alimentary canal of the animal being field dressed, making the entire process safer and easier.

An economy deer field dressing bag is included to place the animal in after skinning to keep off dirt and pests.

A pack of Scent-A-Way Field Wipes is also included for quick and easy clean up.

Proper game care in the field results in better table fare at home.

The Game Cleaning Kit from Hunter's Specialties sells for a suggested retail price of $17.99.

For more information, log onto the Hunter's Specialties website at, write to 6000 Huntington Court NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402, or call a Consumer Service Specialist at 319-395-0321.

Mike Capps or Kevin Howard (573) 898-3422, or
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