Hunting, fishing gifts abound


Mar 11, 2001
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Hunting, fishing gifts abound

December 7, 2002

By Robert Pavey, Augusta Chronicle

Shopping for the angler or hunter in your life? Maybe I can help.
Forget the neckties and golf shirts, and remember the No. 1 rule: You can never have too much ammo - or too many fishing lures. They don't expire and never go out of style.

Beyond that - and on a more serious note - there are some awesome gifts out this season - ranging from gadgets and hardware to the downright wacky.

After canvassing local stores, I'll share my hands-down favorite: it quacks, hoots, bugles, growls and gobbles - and will even ring if that's all you want it to do. It's Motorola's Wildlife Phone ($99.95), programmable for the "call" you desire.

Ironically, my favorite gift last season came from one of my misguided anti-hunting friends - a woman who once threatened to hang my whitetail mounts in the woods, with a sign proclaiming "This could happen to you!"

The item: a Nissan steel thermos ($22.95) with carry strap and camo cover. It kept lemonade ice-cold during a Labor Day dove shoot - and kept me from getting the crosshairs on a wandering buck in November because he showed up during a coffee break in the stand. So use it with care!

For fishermen who don't always practice catch-and-release, Anglers Best markets an electric fillet knife ($59.95) with its own case and charger. This item works particularly well on heavy-skinned fish such as hybrid bass.

Fly-fishing is experiencing a resurgence in popularity, which opens a realm of gift options. It tempts anglers in the same way bowhunting offers a challenge to rifle hunters who want something more basic and difficult.

Fly-tying kits from Orvis ($145) offer plenty of entertainment, even for the rainy days and in the off-season, when fly-casters can become fly-tiers - and keep in touch with their sport.

The kits include a vise, feathers, fur, glue - and all those little tools with cool names: the hair-stacker, bobbin-threader, dubbing loop and other paraphernalia. Anyone who has ever caught a fish on a fly they created can attest to the thrill.

If there is a single common thread that binds the hearts and souls of people who hunt and fish, it's probably food. Cooking gadgets for fish and game are endless: smokers, dehydrators, jerky makers, you name it.

One nice gadget that makes a great stocking stuffer is the Monster Marinade Injector ($8.95), which can fill a goose or venison quarter with the marinade of your choice. Turkey fryers and giant stock pots also make fine gifts.

Other warmly appreciated stocking stuffers include rubber tie-down straps ($14.99 for good ones; don't buy the cheap ones); small flashlights and extra warm, fuzzy socks. All three items are useful - and all tend to vanish over time into the same purgatory as our pens and sunglasses.

If the sportsman in your life has everything already, taxidermists - and even deer processors - are usually delighted to authorize a gift certificate. You can even add stipulations like, "Good Only for Largemouths Weighing 10 pounds or more" or "for mounts that will hang in basement only."

Happy shopping!

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