Hunting Grizz This saturday


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Jun 2, 2001
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I'll be huntin grizz isl this saturday.  I'll be at a club
( Not the usual sweat line for me this time ;)  )
I'm gonna be by the back parking lots off of pole line road.
My question is did this last storm bring any more birds in ?

I know grizz has hunted kind of weird since they started flooding so much rice land in the valley.
Seems the birds will move in well after the storms, a lot of times on them blue bird days.

Anyway just wonderin if any one has seen more bird there this week.  This wednesday should shed some light on the subject.

By the way have any of you all seen the new boat ramp thats going in at the grizz isl. bridge?  Its about time ! They been talkin about it for years. This will get me to my best fishin holes in ten minutes instead of the 30-40 minute ride from suisun that im used to.. Not to mention a couple secret duck spots !

Looks like were in for some freezing weather and then a good storm this week .

Here ducky-ducky..............................

Best of hunts to you-all !
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