Hunting hogs from helicopters gets preliminary approval in Texas House.

Mar 9, 2009
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I know texas is having a major issue with the hog population and im sure most everyone including myself supports what they are trying to do. I just wish they would take the words "hunt" and "hunter" out of it. Its not hunting. Its depredation, abatement, or erradication. Id rather not have my sport be compared to it. Its bad PR for the sport hunter to be compared to aireal depredation. Theres no "sport" in it and there shouldnt be any positive comparrison between the two in the eyes of ourselves or the public. One is a sport, personal challenge or pastime. The other is a necessity.

I know the land owners who are having problems can bennefit or recover some of their losses by having people pay to be a shooter but this isnt something hunters should celebrate or embrace. Ive seen the videos of this. Its a slaughter. Between hog hunting and guiding hog hunts, ive been doing this for 20 years. I cringed when I watched the footage with a few friends. It started out with comments about how fun or exciting it would be to do something like this. 2 minutes into the 5 minute clip we stopped making any of those comments. It was just a video of a bunch of animals dying. Im sure most of you, like myself, dont hunt just so you can kill.

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