I.E. NWTF makes big hit in SBNF


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Jan 1, 2007
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Well, just to let you all know, the NWTF made many points with the SBNF forestry people and the restoration society. We, the I.E. NWTF Chapter alone, planted 340 8-inch Ponderosa Pines. We started about 9:15 a/m and left approx. 2:15 due to other commitments with a San Gabriel Banquet. I.E. Members Randy, Mike, Gary, KC, John and 5 members of the I.E. Antlers Youth Group teamed up in pairs to do the planting. To them, I send my greatest THANKS. While at the function, during lunch, we passed out information about the NWTF, answered lots of questions about our activities and passed out NWTF hats and stickers. A reporter from a news paper based in the Running Springs area is doing a write up about the efforts of the NWTF in assisting in conservation efforts. As we were getting ready to depart for the day, we were thanked by every forestry person there, every member of the SBNF Restoration Society and from other volunteers which staffed food and water stations which they provided. All in all, this was sure worth the time and effort because the NWTF is surly known there now.

They are going to do more planting on Heap's Peak next weekend as only about 2/3 of the trees got planted due to low volunteer turn out. If you can make that planting, it would only further reinforce the efforts of the NWTF.

IE Member Mike Marrs, Wendy Anderson (Ladies of the Outdoors) and 2 forest service personnel

Mike Marrs and Randy (I.E. NWTF President) were a team

Gark Lepper, Jaime Succow and Mike Marrs

Gary, Randy, High Dessert NWTF Mamber and Mike

This what it was for...

To all that helped again, a huge thanks.



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Feb 23, 2006
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I wish I could have gone. I hope to get out next time!

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