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Gees, the next time I miss a shot or ruin a stalk, I know who I'm NOT TALKING too. If word gets out around here, a guys name is mud!!!

XL for me, thank you very much.


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Cool, did he bag a monster??? Come on Brian post up buddy, we all want to see some pics and hear the end to the story


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Holy Crap!!
You boys have been busy!!
Who’s got my back?
Thanks BC for giving me a little credit.
Too Funny..

We have the new Saturday night cast right here in JHO. This post is fricken funny. I deserve every bit of this.
It actually cheered me up.

I just pulled back in this morning. Yes its true, when I left Reno I stayed on 80 missed the 95 turn off to Hwy 50. Totally amazing!! I was day dreaming, cruising the ridges glassing up all kinds of trophy Mulies. Regrettably there are several other "events" that took my morale lower and lower until I pulled the plug on the hunt.
This first day we saw so many bucks it’s hard to believe the number. Triple digits. There were several bachelor groups of 22-25 bucks. I am 99.9% certain of not counting the same bucks over. Just because we witnessed, bumped, and viewed, the bucks didn't mean getting an arrow in one would be easy. I stalked within 18 yards of a solid 4x4. When I came over the top and came close, all I could see was his horns as he rested safely in his bed under thick cover.

After waiting for a bit I tried to skirt over a few yards hoping to find a patch of fur around his vital area. I was busted my one of his buddy's and the three bucks shot out and across the bare hillside out of view.

I then walked several more yards in that direction I was side hilling and was 70 yards from another large buck bedded. I was hoping he would bed back down. After 10-12 minutes one of the smaller bucks with him sprang down the hill causing the whole hillside to evacuate after him, 18-20 bucks in the folly.
Later that afternoon I was trying to come down on a large group of bucks in the sage. I witnessed five other bucks across the adjacent ridge. I saved the sage bucks till later, felt good to have a plan “B”. Stalking 5 bucks would be easier than the 20+. After 20 minutes of backing out and running along the backside of the crescent ridge. I came over the top, checking the wind and all the details, they were long gone by the time I came over the top. Discouraged! I went back after the sage bucks to eventually being discovered prematurely.

Within an hour I was trying to locate that same group and came across an average bedded 3x4 in the sage.

All I could see was 3/4's of his rack. I dropped my pack and attempted to laser his antlers 3 times. The range was 52 yards ever time with the inclometer. I slipped my shoes off and disconnected my pack, loaded the bow. His horns started to bob and twitch. He stood up and nibbled at his rump for 10-12 seconds. When he finished and looked down the hill, I drew, picked a spot and shot over his back. I was completely baffled at the miss. I was pretty confident he was in the freezer. Very humbling! I checked my bow later the next day and was drilling the spot at 50 yards within a 2" targ-dot. The only thing I can think of is the laser passed through his antlers giving me a false reading on something else. Was a very exhausting and trying day but felt like I really pushed my self and stood up to the challenge.
Day two I hunted solo another location and was just hammered by the terrain. I saw 4 nice bucks that day and stalked two of them.

Both times I think I came over the hillside in the wrong location just off a hair like my drive to Nevada. Frustration was really getting the best of me and my mental war was definitely starting.

After gimping back to camp wincing from knee pain I cleaned up in a small stream and popped 5 Advil. For about an hour I evaluated my progress and honestly felt at the time I wasn't sure the buck was worth the effort. Hate to admit it but my body and mind were now mush. As the mental war was concluding I decided to pull the plug early evaluating my condition. I hiked out 11 miles, the last three at a snails pace due to knee complications.
I have mixed feelings about shortening my trip. I am stoked about the challenge and trying to step up to the level of the hunt and bummed about the short duration. Work in progress. Some of the most beautiful but rugged country I have ever seen. Definately a hard hunt. I am certain many of the zones in NV hold good numbers of bucks. Don't forget to check with NV's NDOW resources before you plan a hunt like this whatever unit you aim for. If your able to get far enough back you'll increase your buck sightings. The trick not only getting back there but to be able to manage the terrain.


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QUOTE (Family Tradition @ Aug 14 2006, 03:37 PM)
And now dont all you boyz feel like (*$)


Nope. It was pretty danged funny!

Bummer that you had to bail early, Brian. Looks like you were definitely in the deer! Great pix, anyway!


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You did the right thing listening to your body and taking care of it first! Imagine how hard that hike would have been if you had 100 lbs of meat & head to contend with. You would have been exhilarated, but at the same time you would have been more prone to injury... live to hunt again another day!

All I've got to say now is DAAAAAAAyyyyyyum, you saw some kickass bucks! From your pics it's obvious that they saw you too... I guess hunting a shangri-la like NV cuts both ways... you'll see lots of bucks, but you also have to deal with a ton of eyes watching you! makes our A-20 trip seem like childs play and I sure know where I want top hunt in a couple years (maybe not that zone, but the Ruby's sure do sound nice).

I think you did the right thing shortening up the trip a tad... you've got to build up to the mental and physical endurance required to stick it out for a week by yourself... next time you'll be out there a couple extra days, and the time after that a couple more... I'm still concerned about your road map navigating abilities, but the JHO gang is taking up collections to buy you OnStar for your truck.

Great pics, and I appologize for taking the pizz outta ya, but the reports we were getting were just too funny to not comment on.


p.s. You need to let BDB know what size t-shirt you need.

p.p.s. U2 wasn't available to play at your benefit concert but they sent their best wishes...


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Glad you weren't ticked at the fun we was havin'
Great pics bud. Glad you made it out without blowing the knee. Like BC said, good choice on coming out early. Back there alone is not the best place for a physical challenge to add to the hunt. Some damn nice deer up there, WOW !!!! Are you going to get a chance to go back before the season closes?

Little Woman

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WOW Brian
What a story, and dang Big Deer. (Love the pix's)
No worries mon, they will be there next time you go back.
And BC is correct about taking care of your self first,
We don’t need to lose a great friend like you.
Your Friend


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I so want a shirt by the famous man-designer BDB.
Dude- That was genius, just wish it was some other poor bloke we were making of fun of. Too funny!

Maybe we can incorporate Steve's new Brian-wear onto EPIRB's and Personal Locating Beacons.
"Let your friends no where you are, even if you don't"

On the Ruby note:
My buddy 2 buddies just got back from the Ruby's and they didn't see the numbers I did. I don't think they covered as much terrain as I did either. One thing they did see was huge racks when they did get into deer. They commented on really wide bucks. I saw a few that were pretty big but not the categories they were mentioning.

'Ike' @ HM

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Brian, great hunt buddy!!!
The pictures are awesome and I'm glad to see you're in one piece.....

Since you're home I won't post up the Milk Carton that FT came up with!!!

Thanks for having a great sense of humor!!!

Call me after you rest up........


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QUOTE ('Ike' @ HM @ Aug 14 2006, 05:05 PM)
Since you're home I won't post up the Milk Carton that FT came up with!!!
He came up with it, or did he just "borrow" it from someone else

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