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IN2, thanks so very much for sharing your great hunting adventure, and those are some sharp photos of mulies you took, hope you get better.............................tra


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Brian, Thanks for taking time to post your adventures. Nice photos! How wide do you think that forky in the lower right, third picture down, was? Give him a few years and he's going to be a monster!
I go work for a few hours and all of a sudden I'm the milk carton creator.

BK knows I am not that imaginative.

My brotha I totaly respect the bite you took out of the Nevada high country, BIG BRASS ones for sure hunting back there alone.

Maybe we can do that hunt together if we ever get lucky enough to draw that together.

That would be GOOD.



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Dude, you can take a punch, these guys laid it on you, you definately know how to turn the other cheek.

I would have posted their huntng spot on every forum on the web while at the same time sent an email to every address I could come up with at their work with nudie pics, of course from an address created with their last name and first initial. But that is just me, just kidding.

Sounds like you had a successful hunt, those pics alone are worth the price of admission, get healed up and bust a bomber on your next trip.

Oh yeah, get a map.


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BK- Dude, you did well! Those pics look great...can't wait to get in there myself. Shoot me an email or call me, I've got some ideas for you.


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Brian, dont feel bad we have all been wooped by injuries, weather and rugged country. I have pulled the plug several times on backpack hunt due to one reason or another.

Was this your first year in that zone? I am considering that area
or Rubies next year. Actually your zone was my second choice last year.


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Great read; great pics. Too bad you couldn't seal the deal, but at least you did it solo and were in them.

The knee thing, yeah, that'll bite you in the a** everytime when doing that type of terrain. Kudos, bro.

BDB: I'll take a large T-shirt please.


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Oh man...what a post!

Glad you made it back okay and great pics! If for some reason you forget to hang a left or right and end up in the great Salt Flats, give me a call...


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Brian that's some rugged country for sure. I drove through their once and strined my neck just looking up.
Glad your back and those are some awesome pics.

Now can I still order the shirt?
XL please.
You take Pay Pal?

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