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Mar 26, 2001
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men i have a scanner, now i wish i could use it.  i have been able to get pics to a file on my computer now how do i get them where you people can see them? none of the books w/scanner gave me any info  or i couldnt find it. please help i have a good buck you need to see.    thanks in advance  oh yeah  is there any certain size i need to make the pics when they are posted any certain dpi or anything like that please leave info   thanks.

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Mar 12, 2001
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Keep pics around 400x250 in dimensions and reduce or compress your photos to around 10k-20K in size.  The scanner pics can be adjusted to output size

Although compression can result in loss of some quality, it is usually not noticed too much viewed on the computer.

This allows faster viewing for all and prevents the pages from bogging down. This really helps for those not on DSL or Cable.

You can check the size of your photos by right clicking on the photo and then clicking properties.

Most any photo software will assist you in compression and resizing.  

Use, either on a place like photopoint or your service FTP, like "my place in AOL"     upload your pics to that place than you can reference that location with the or src=    tags.

If your going to use PhotoPoint, go to PhotoPoint:


Sign up, get account, read the FAQ,   look around site.

You must have your pics on a computer from scanner or camera or use Kodak transfer service for developed film.  

Go to your new  "My PhotoPoint" page and click on the "albums"   make an album.

Then use one of the  following methods to post your pics in album:

Email your photos as attachments
Use their free Image Express software
Transfer photos from Kodak PhotoNet
Upload your photos via FTP
Download third party software

After you uploaded the pics and have recieved comfirmation they are there, then set up your authorizations for private or public viewing.

Last, just post your Album Address, or send email invites so we can see.

Like this:          

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