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I Jazzed Up My R.I.A. With Some New Grips


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I got sick of looking at the stock wood grips that came on my Rock Island Armory G.I. Model 9 MM, so I picked these up from Dan Eagle Grips. I had a tough time getting the old ones off. The screws were really tight, but finally came off without backing out the bushings. After I got the screws out, the old grips wouldn't budge. So I field stripped it and found a clear piece of 3/8" Lucite rod I had laying around. Working from the inside through the magwell, first from the top, then the bottom, I kept gently prying until one side popped loose. Then it was easy to tap the other one out. 1911's are always an adventure to replace grips on. I always keep spare bushings and screws on hand, just in case. As well as a bushing removal tool and a tap.

The new grips needed some fitting where the slide stop plunger is inletted into the top of the left grip. (You can see in the photo how much taller the new grips sit on the frame). But I took my time with a riffler file, and now they fit perfectly. Anyway, the gun looks a lot better. These grips are also thicker and fit my hand better. They also come with new gold plated screws and O-Rings, which is a nice touch. The bottom photo is what the gun looked like with the factory grips.


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