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I had a 120" 8 pointer last night around me for over 30 minutes last night but could not get a good shot, he finally gave me a 40 yarder standing broadside and the string hit my arm guard and .....................

Man he was nice, 16-17" inside spread, nice lone tines, very symmetrical

Here is what he looked like!!! (Well sort of)



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Looks like he is still in velvet. Lol
Nice artistic touch. Didn't want to tag out this early did ya harley what fun is that.



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Took me a minute to get that one Tree. Thought for a second "this guy has some good S*&t...


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That sucks! I can't even get out right now. Any day I am not at work I am in the Basement working on getting it insulated. Right now starting to put that Drylock paint up. Going to put down the pressure treated wood plate tomorrow. Got some of the wall sections built but have to buy the rest of the lumber next week. It's going to take me another couple of days to get it all painted.

Good luck to all.


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