ID retriever, owner rescued from Lake Chatcolet


Mar 11, 2001
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Duck hunting turns foul



Retriever, owner rescued from Lake Chatcolet

OSBURN -- A duck hunting trip just prior to Christmas turned into a freezing ordeal for an Osburn man and his retriever on Lake Chatcolet near St. Maries.

Kelly Wilson and his son, Blake, were hunting for ducks and geese on Lake Chatcolet on Dec. 23 and were nearing the end of their day when their dog, which was attempting to catch a wounded Canadian goose, ran onto a patch of thin ice and fell through.
The 3-year-old golden retriever was wearing a flotation vest and was able to remain above water.

According to information from emergency crews, Wilson tried to help the dog but the water spilled over the top of his chest waders and he became unable to free himself from the water.

Emergency crews from the St. Maries Rural Fire District and Benewah County Sheriff's Office were called to the scene and the firefighters used inflatable rafts to rescue Wilson and his dog.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game warns both hunters and ice fishermen that all area waters should be approached with great caution. Ice should be tested before venturing out for any activity.

Hunters who use boats or have a need to go out on the ice, should have flotation devices or have an inflatable raft with them.

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