Idaho Fish & Game Seeks Comments Regarding Potential Fishing Rule Changes


Mar 11, 2001
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Idaho Fish & Game Seeks Comments Regarding Potential Fishing Rule Changes

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

IDAHO FALLS - Idaho Fish and Game is beginning work on fishing rule changes for 2013, and looking for comments from anglers for rules that cover aspects of fishing other than seasons and bag limits. Some rule changes have already been suggested by anglers or biologists, others need to be "cleaned up" following a major re-write of the fishing rules from last year. Additional suggestions from the public are welcome.

Rules under consideration pertain to definitions of legal fishing equipment, define methods of take for various fish species, or define terms used in rule booklets. Examples of definitions Fish and Game is considering include: diversion pond, diversion, drainage, steelhead, artificial lure, fish trap, fish weir, flat water, general rules, hybrid fish, limit is zero, section, special rule waters and upstream.

Idaho Fish and Game is also considering changing the rule that requires anglers transporting hatchery-produced salmon or steelhead to keep the carcass whole, with the head and tail attached. The change would allow anglers to fillet a hatchery produced steelhead or salmon, already recorded on the salmon/steelhead permit, as long as one of the filets has the skin attached where the adipose fin is located to verify its origin.

Other items Idaho Fish and Game will be reviewing are:
The definition of a "fishing contest."
Allowing the use of a gaff hook for landing nongame fish species taken with archery equipment.
Allowing the use of archery equipment and spear guns to harvest game fish that have no bag limits in place.
Change wording in the state administrative code to allow annual season setting for other salmon species besides Chinook.

Comments may be provided by calling Dan Garren, Regional Fisheries Manager in the Upper Snake Region at 525-7290 or through the Idaho Relay Service at 1-800-377-3529 (TDD), by email at or by attending an open house at the Regional Office located at 4279 Commerce Circle in Idaho Falls on April 18 from 8am to 6pm. The deadline for submitting ideas and comments is Monday, April 18.

Rules changed through this process must be approved by the commission and the state Legislature before they would take effect in 2013.

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