Idea for enclosure foam


Apr 6, 2001
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I went into Kmart today and saw an outdoor foam pad that would be perfect for use in a game cam enclosure for insulation, noise, flash seperation, etc...  They have a 2 1/2' x 6' roll of 1/2" closed cell foam for $5.49.  Also, Home Depot sells a 1" thick closed cell neoprene looking material that is a kid's mat.  It has four pieces 2' square each that lock together to form a play mat.  Cost about $25.  Closed cell foam works much better than the cheaper open cell type because it does not hold the moisture and it is a much better insulator.  The only problem was that it was that the mat at Kmart was blue, but heck, the deer do not see the inside of the box anyway.  Just a tip.  

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