IGFA world record fish book available


Mar 11, 2001
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World record fish book available — The International Game Fish Association's "2001 World Record Game Fishes" book is out and you can have a ball checking it out or going for a record. The IGFA is the only recognized keeper of world-wide fresh- and saltwater fish records. The IGFA book lists more than 850 species in all-tackle, line class and flyfishing categories. Included are illustrated articles, as well as new international angling rules for the establishment of freshwater, saltwater and flyfishing records.

    The record book is part of the IGFA annual membership package that costs $35 a year (it also includes a bimonthly newsletter), but single copies of the book are available for $12.95, plus $2 shipping. Write: IGFA, 300 Gulf Stream Way, Dania Beach, Fla. 33004; phone 954/927-2628; e-mail   IGFAHQ@aol.com.

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