Illegal turkey hunting nets steep fines in Idaho


Mar 11, 2001
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Idaho takes aim at turkey poachers

Spokane Spokesman-Review


Wild turkeys have hit the big time in Idaho's judicial system, garnering fines similar to those dished out to poachers who take big game.

An Irwin, Idaho, man was ordered to pay $1,142 in fines, penalties and court costs for shooting one of two tom turkeys recently transplanted in a Bonneville County area not yet open to hunting.

In Jefferson County, a 17-year-old was tried on charges of killing three recently transplanted gobblers. The youth received $963 in fines and penalties. In addition, he lost hunting privileges for three years and must take part in a remedial hunter education program and perform 30 hours of community service.

Ten hours of the community service is to involve having the youth speak before six hunter education classes, explaining the nature of his crime and why it was wrong.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game staff and volunteers have worked hard over the last two years to jump start a wild turkey population in the Upper Snake Region. A total of 507 birds have been moved into the area, brought in from other parts of the state.

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