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Sep 5, 2002
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I would like help to get more land open up for handicap hunter. Please send this letter to the following people listed at bottom of letter.
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February 9, 2020

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Dear :

I am requesting changes to the Indiana ADA handicap hunting area rules.

As a handicap hunter I believe that I am being discriminated against due to the restriction of handicap hunting areas. Hunting in the and State Forest and Fish and Wildlife areas, I can hunt only in the handicap hunting areas due to State restrictions and my abilities to get around in the woods. I cannot use my vehicle or an ATV/UTV to go anywhere in the State Forest or Fish and Wildlife areas to hunt except where designated for the specified handicap areas. Yet, every hunter without a disability can go anywhere in the forest including the areas designated for handicap hunters. I believe as a handicap hunter I am being discriminated
against as I am not allowed to use all hunting areas within the State Forest and Fish and Wildlife areas.

I believe that handicap hunters should be able to use ATV/UTV or a vehicle in the State Forest and Fish and Wildlife area. However, limit ATV/UTV or vehicle usage to putting up tree stands and dragging deer out, as well as driving back and forth to our tree stands.

If a handicap hunter is caught driving out of the designated hunting areas, he or she should lose his/her handicap ATV/UTV or vehicle handicap hunting permit. I believe this restriction should be put in place, so the vehicle permits are not abused in the State Forest and Fish and Wildlife areas

I enjoy turkey and deer hunting, but with the restrictions for the handicapped, it is hard for to go hunting due to the lack of hunting areas. I truly believe, as a handicap person, I am being discriminated against and feel this restriction criteria should change because

1. Atterbury Fish and Wildlife has approximately 4586 acres of land for Non-Handicap hunters while Handicap hunters’ area is only a half mile path to drive on and less than 88 acres of hunting area.
2. Morgan-Monroe State Forest has approximately 25884 acres of land for Non-Handicap hunters and Handicap hunters’ first hunting area is a 1.9-mile path to drive on and approximately 309 acres of hunting area. This second hunting area is about a 1-mile path to drive on with approximately 176 acres hunting area. The third hunting area is a 1.7 miles path for ATV/UTV and 275 acres hunting area.
3. Yellowwood State Forest has approximately 25117 acres of land for Non-Handicap hunters’ while Handicap hunters’ have the following hunting areas. One and half mile path to drive on and approximately 264 acres of hunting area. One and quarter mile path for ATV/UTV and approximately 250 acres of hunting area.

Where is the fairness for the handicap hunters compared to the non-handicap hunters? Handicap hunters should be able to hunt just like the non-handicap hunters by allowing use of his/her ATV/UTV or vehicle.
Please change the current restrictions for the handicap hunters.

Your Name

Governor Eric Holcomb
State House,
200 W. Washington St.,
Second Floor, Rm. 206,
Indianapolis, IN 46204.

Senator Jean Leising
State House,
200 W Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Representative Sean Eberhart
State House,
200 West Washington Street,
Suite 401,
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

DNR Director
Cameron F. Clark
402 West Washington Street
Indiana Government Center South
Room W256
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Director of DNR Fish & Wildlife
Amanda Wuestefeld
Indiana Government Center South
402 W. Washington St.,
Room W273
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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