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Jun 9, 2009
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The outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen of New Jersey have the chance to be a major voice in the 2009 election, a voice that can resonate for decades, a voice that has long been missing from the political landscape. The elements have come together, like the perfect storm, for us to seize the day or be destined to grumble about how anglers, hunters and environmental stewards have tumbled into insignificance.

Anthony Mauro, New Jersey Outdoor Alliance
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Candidates had their day, now voters have their say

By Bob Ingle November 1, 2009

TRENTON - Now comes the only election poll that really matters - the voters deciding on Tuesday who they want to run the state for the next four years. It's not brain surgery, all it calls for is logic and unemotional thinking.

Jon Corzine: If you liked the past four years, if you think you're better off now than you were before, you'll love the next four if the governor wins another term. He has not given any indication he would do anything different. In fact, he will take a victory as a signal you want more of the same.

Chris Daggett: He is very much like Corzine, "Corzine Light" some people call him... Daggett can't win. He's a spoiler. A vote for him is a vote for Corzine... People are suspicious of Daggett, largely unknown until he showed up and got enough contributions to be in the ELEC debates. Some think Democrats put him into the race because without him draining votes Chris
Christie would win easily.

Chris Christie: ...Christie is not perfect, nobody is, but there is no argument that when he was appointed U.S. Attorney his detractors said he would be a disaster and he made fools of them. He also sent crooked politicians to jail who had been ripping off New Jersey for a long time while their colleagues and fellow "public servants" turned their heads.

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Wind and rain doesn't deter sportsmen -- or Chris Christie -- from rally

By Al Ristori

October 29, 2009, 7:40PM ledger

Despite a dire rain and wind forecast that even led to cancellation of the Hi-Mar Fall Striper Tournament, sportsmen filled the stands at last Saturday's New Jersey Outdoor Alliance (NJOA) Rescue Our Outdoors Rally at New Egypt Speedway to cheer on NJOA-endorsed candidate for governor Chris Christie as well as state legislators supporting fishing and hunting.

NJOA President Anthony Mauro Sr. said there was pressure on the NJOA to remain neutral in the race for governor, but the trustees felt it was "the right thing to do" in endorsing Christie - who was enthusiastically received at the end of the program as he pledged to support issues of concern to the fishing and hunting public.

Fortunately, there was only some light rain during the program, as NJOA-endorsed 3rd District Democratic Assembly members John Burzichelli and Celeste Riley spoke, followed by Assembly Republicans Caroline Casagrande and Declan O'Scanlon (Dist. 32) plus Ronald Dancer and Joe Malone (Dist. 30), Senator Martha Karrow (R-Dist. 23), and longest-serving Assemblyman John Rooney (Dist. 39) - an avid striper fisherman who's retiring this year.

Pete Grimbilas was also on hand to speak about progress in getting pots off the reefs legislation through now that Assembly Speaker Joe Roberts (D-Camden), who has prevented any vote on the bill, is leaving the Assembly. ASMFC Commissioner Tom Fote of Toms River brought the rally up to date on the sea bass closure in federal waters, and the measures being taken to overturn it. He mentioned a letter from Acting N.J. DEP Commissioner Mark Mauriello to U.S. Commerce

Secretary Gary Locke asking for reconsideration of the sea bass closure on the basis of scientific evidence indicating improved stocks - and asking "that in the future all affected state agencies be consulted when making decisions concerning closure of fisheries."

The Jersey Coast Anglers Association holds their annual Sportsperson-of-the-Year Dinner Dance on Sunday, Nov. 15 at Crystal Point Yacht Club in Point Pleasant. Freshman N.J. congressmen John Adler and Leonard Lance are the speakers. Individual tickets are $75. Call Dan Miller at 609 660-2126.

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