Inspection Business for Sale or Partnership


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Feb 23, 2006
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I have one man business that I've run since 2001 that has brought in a little over 1mil since inception May 01.
I've been sick and need to either sell it or partner up with someone to carry on & expand.
It's primarily cargo inspections for quality control on fruit & produce and commodities inspections of all sorts for international cargo insurance claims.
It's picking up again.
It had slacked off since last quarter of 07 but it is picking up again and shifting into exports again also so the work is coming in and will continue.
Requires driving or flying (day trips i.e. San Jose, Redwood, San Fran, Phoenix etc;) the driving is all over SoCal from San Isidro to Bakersfield sometimes Vegas and all points in between to visit the sites where the cargo has arrived.
Some port work also which will be picking up steadily as embargo is lifted.
Let me know.
All mileage & drive time is paid as well as inspection time.
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