Introduced MEztli to live birds today!!!!


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Aug 7, 2006
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I have been working with her for 2 weeks with bumpers. She will get it at "back" command and bring them back to me. She will not drop at "drop" command but she will bring it back to me.

I went and got a quail to intro Meztli to live birds. She was already intro. with wings and live bird before. I had my daughter throw the bird after she heard the shot just 5 yards away from her in front of Meztli. Meztli saw the bird fall on the ground and I held her for just a second. She did not hesitate at all. She picked it up in her mouth and ran to Egypt. I did not even get a look at her when she ran off.

I Finally got the bird back and just played hide and seek with her and the bird. She was extremely excited. She found that bird all 4 times. She is ver persistent.

What skils other than the bumpre do I need to work on for her to brign the bird back?

Thanks in advance.



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Mar 5, 2006
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IMO, just keep doing what you're doing, and don't stop!

The instincts, and breeding of your new charge, will all come about, in due time!

Unless you're intending on making some form of "champion"

Then, you may may need to solicit the expertise of the many folks here that have the knowledge of "what that takes!"

Continue developing in your current methods, of what you seek, "retrieving, searching, marking, etc. Regardless of your techniques, continue with them consistently, and your new charge will surely astonish you, for many years to come!

OUr sporting breeds are extremely "keen" naturally, and quite frequently, all they need is getting into the "action" for them to shine in their instincts!

Welcome to "birddog" .dom! Hopefully, your new charge will provide you many seasons of lasting memories!


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Sep 20, 2004
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Keep doing what your are doing, I would keep up the use of wings for a while and really build the dogs confidence up. Not sure how old your dog is, but dont get discouraged work on the retreive and the dog will bring the bird back.

Tease the dog with the bird and get the dog excited about the bird, do short retreives and the next thing you know it will be so excited to bring back that bird.

I am no expert, people here are. Just letting you know what worked for me and my lab. He started hunting at 9 months old, and after his first year he made well over 100 retreives, and 27 geese. He loves retreving and loves getting the bids. I dont introduce him to really birds until he was 7 months old. I know that I probably screwed up, but I used alot of wings and it worked for me.

Regardless good luck..

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