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Introductions & Roll Call


Welcome to the new trapping forum

Please tell us a little about yourself.

What or who got your started trapping?

What do you trap?

Where are you from?

Buckeye duck hunter

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Live in Irvine Ca. now, but grew up in Northwestern Ohio trapping muskrats, racoon, and fox as a kid. I ran about a 2 mile trapline before school along the river that ran past my house. I really miss it. ch


venango county,pa here.started with muskrats for my uncle when i was 8.been trapping ever since.
went into the military at 18,got to trap in alaska,nebraska,michigan and new york.now i stay in pa!


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I guess I'll start this. Originally from Long Beach, California, now I live in Homer, Alaska. I had a Havahart in Long Beach and caught quite a few possums. Nobody really got me into trapping. My godfather had a book and that got me interested when I was young(er) I'm only 26. Alaska winters are long and boring if you're not doing anything so I figured might as well go out and do something productive. While living and working here in Alaska, I've met up with some coworkers that trap full time in the winter and they have taught me a LOT of stuff. This year I will have more time off work for me to go out and set a line. I have about 60 conibears (120's and 330's) to trap mostly mink, otter, and wolverine in my area. Also have 2 dozen #3 coilspring traps for coyote and lynx and maybe a fox (not many in my area.) Also have a half dozen #5 coil springs for wolves. Also have a couple dozen snares for wolves and coyotes. The season starts on November 10th and I'm eager to lay some steel. This year will be a test of doing a lot of it on my own so we'll see. I'll be sure to post pics of my success.


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Well the role call for this forum isn't exactly busy buy I will try to get it started. Well originally from Ohio, moved to Idaho for several years, now in Oregon.

I began teaching myself to trap in the 2nd grade after finding a book on trapping at the public library. I never had anyone teach me how to trap, I just learned through many years of trial and error. People thought I was the strangest 8 year old in existance because I would save up 20 dollars and go buy four #1 coilsprings.

In Ohio, I mostly trapped raccoon and opossum because that was available within walking distance from my house. Did manage to nab a few muskrats, red fox, and coyotes over the years. After moving to Idaho I trapped a small amount but was mostly too busy with college. I did manage to nab a few coyotes and went after marten once, unsuccessfully. They can be a hard critter to trap without a snowmachine. Now I am in western Oregon and looking forward to my first trapping season next fall. My area has lots of fox (both red and greys, mostly greys),bobcats, nutria, and a fair amount of otter; along with most of your other basic furbearers such as muskrats etc. I am hoping to find a decent place to trap marten high in the Cascades, probably near Crater Lake.

So thats my introduction, hopefully some more guys will introduce themselves now that two of us have. I would love to hear from some Oregon trappers to hear about trapping here.


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Lets see I grew up in eastern Canada ( New Brunswick ) and have been trapping, hunting and fishing on and off for the past 21 yrs. The past few yrs havent had much chance to be on the line, my work has moved to to another part of the country but I do take my holidays in the fall and do 3 weeks of hunting and trapping.

Sort of got myself started into trapping at the age of 15, went with my dad to clean out an old shed of my grandfather. During our time cleaning up I found 4 old traps 2 #1.5 a #4 and 1 330 coni. I ask my dad if I could take them and try trapping he said sure but that he knew nothing about it and would be no help. So off i went learning mostly by mistakes. By Xmas I had taken 4 beaver so my dad bought me 12 new traps and a subscrtion to Fur Fish Game which I from cover to cover each month learning more and more. 20 plus yrs later i am still reading Fur Fish Game and still learning something new each and everytime out on the line.

I am mostly a water trapper so I target mink, beaver and muskrats.


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Trapper's assistant

Hi. I hunt a lot of upland, quail mostly and when I find out where the teeth are, I mark the spot on the map. When trapping season comes around here in CA, I turn nark and give up all the locations of the predators to my buddy who is a trapper. I help him make sets (100% box traps obviously) and tag along on the harvest days. My kids are now into it too, daughter 7, son 9, so the trapper has a lot of help. We usually get a lot of gray fox. We did not trap last season, as his father was diagnosed with cancer, and died near the end of the season, no time to put into the hills when something like that is going on.

Anyway we are still learning, but manage to get a few in the boxes each year. Looking forward to hearing from others, learning some tips, etc.


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I got bit by the trapping bug some time around the age of 11 or 12. Read some old fur advertisments of my grandfather on my dads side of the family. Wow I was giong to make a thousand bucks. ? Was I in for a suprise. 2 traps turned into 12 and they turned into 25 and they turned into 50 and they, well you get the picture. Guess it was my grand pa Vern that got me started. Have trapped coon,rats,mink,beaver, yotes,possum,weasel,badger,bugs,birds snakes,fish,skunks,porcupines,fox,pinemarten,otter, and people. Now only trap beaver and coyotes. The way things are going nowadays trapping is just about a lost art. Hang in there everyone some day "they" will need us really bad.

big Ed

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BIG Ed,s third tapping season

Third tapping season is about to begin in a matter of days and my nice California weather has turned for the worst. Snow levels are dropping making some of where I wont to trap hard to get to, and I do not know how my box traps will do in snow. Hope the traps don't freeze and the foxes go in them. This year every thing I catch I am going to practice taxidermy on.

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