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:welcome sign: Where ya from and where do you ride? What's in your string or trailer?

Pics please too. :JHO rocks:


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Hi, my name is Doug. I live in Mira Loma and own about 6 horses (give or take). I am a trail boss for a small mens riding club out of Norco. I usually pre-ride and ride about 8 to 10 spots a year. I like to ride in the all the local mountain ranges of Southern Ca. Being a rider has two advantages. First, I just like getting out and taking in the scenery. Second, I make sure I put myself in positions and places where I can do a lot of scouting in the off season. It is amazing what you can see and get close to on a four legged animal as oppose to a truck or motorcycle. As I get older, I am starting to realize that with all the access to public ground being shut down to motorized vehicles, the future of public land hunting maybe on horseback.


warren nelson

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Warren Nelson Aka "Gator" I live and ride up around Hesperia, Travel out of State a few times a year to hunt, if I get drawn or just a place to ride to.
I have a couple of Mules for riding and packing, I have a Great horse too. See picture next to name.
It's time to start riding in the back country.


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Although I do not presently own a horse, I usually manage to get in at least one pack trip per season. My Father-in-law is retired and packs most of the summer for a private outfit. I am glad to see a board where hunters who pack can exchange info.


My name is Stan and we pack in the Marble Mountain, Russian and Trinity Alps Wilderness areas. Currently running 28 mules and horses. Just finished a 2 month contract with the USFS in the Stanshaw area of the Marbles as ground support for 2 trail crews doing fire rehab work in the area. Same area that we supplied spike camps last year during the fires in the area.

Will be setting up elk camp next week for some hunters that drew the Marble Mountains tags that opens on the 9th. This year we'll split the group with some hunters going to Stanshaw while I'll take a couple to the Trinty Alps area.




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Hey im Nathan....i have 3 horses and mini for the kids. The horse in the avatar is leaving on wednesday, shes an old appy that cant handle hard riding anymore. the horse below is my new Paint (breedstock) "Pix", 4yo mare, just under 15h, she has about 40 days of training on her now. pic shows her when i just got her, so she is legged up more now. I love to hunt and after about 60 training days i am going to start her on archery. would like to move to shooting a .223 or similar caliber off of her for big game too, but i dont have the resources to do so. she has all the basics and doing great at ground-tieing. starting on reining, slide stopping and side passing now, but not a priority. Open to guidance, still new at all this only have about 5 years of total horse experience. I live in Yucaipa on an acre and ride in the crafton hills and surrounding area. Dont have a trailer yet, but dont realy need one either.....have too many trails and hunting out of my back yard. Anyone wants to ride just PM me.


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Sounds like you're on your way to making a good horse. the only thing that concerns me is shooting off a horse for hunting. In my mind that is the worst thing you could do if you're an ethical hunter. There is no way you can hold purfectly still to fire a good shot. You do need to get them used to shooting nearby, but never while mounted like the cowboy shooters do, you'd be asking for a wreck and a wounded animal. Just my 2 cents!!!!!!

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