Iowa State's wildlife fund is in peril


Mar 11, 2001
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State's wildlife fund is in peril

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The Iowa Department of Natural Resources expects higher revenues from out-of-state turkey hunting licenses, but it isn"t enough to keep the agency"s Fish and Wildlife Trust Fund from going almost broke, a DNR official told lawmakers this week.

Last year, the agency sold more than 3,200 nonresident spring turkey hunting licenses, which generated more than $161,000, said Al Farris, director of fish and wildlife services. He expects fewer licenses will be sold this year but revenues will be $335,000.

Still, the outlook is grim for the Fish and Wildlife Trust Fund.

State revenues have continued to decline with the economy, and lawmakers may have to cut the budget even further. That would put the fish and wildlife and parks programs in a dilemma of having to cut services or staff.

The agency is operating with $750,000 less than the year before, Farris said, adding that the DNR received several complaints when it cut down on park maintenance and even closed some parks last year.

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