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Mar 11, 2001
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I spent part of the day beating a camera guru's feet at the camera shop to learn his secrets of IR filming. What I found is IR film is about $8.00 a roll. B & H has Konica Infrared B&W (750) 135-24 film for $7.95. When the film arrives if you order it, it should have come in a box packed in dry ice to keep it cool. This is essential! Infrared film is sensitive to heat and must be kept refrigerated before it is used. If you buy the film (already in stock) at the camera shop, make sure that it was kept cool. If it wasn't, don't buy it there! You should store the film inside of your refrigerator and not take it out until about one hour before you are going to load it into your camera. This way, it warms to room temperature and you avoid any chance of fogging the film.

Most automatic cameras use an IR sensor window to make sure the film advances okay. If you have a camera with this window, cover it up with some duct tape so it won't fog/expose the IR film. The film advance sensor window is usually a small rectangular opening where the film lays across the back of the camera near the top edge of the film. The Canon Sure Shot Owl PF camera does NOT have this sensor window.

You'll need to put an IR filter in front of the camera lens to take IR pic. A Hoya #RM72 49mm IR filter was $25.00 at my local camera shop, online at B & H the Hoya 49mm #RM72 infrared glass filter was $37.50 and out of stock. IR range is easily 35 feet. You also have to load the IR film in the dark so you don't ruin it. You don't need the camera flash to use IR film so you'll have to turn the flash off or cover it if you can't turn the flash off. You can also put an IR filter over the flash if you have an extra filter laying around.

How would IR film help? If you didn't want to have a camera flash give up your camera at nigth and just had it on during the day, you could run IR film 24 hours a day with no flash.

So far I have no pics to show what this looks like, I'm rigging up a camera now to test it out. If anybody else has money to burn on IR testing, let us know how it works out. My email is

Gun Docc

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Mar 11, 2001
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Howdy Spectr,

i definately have been wondering about the IR film as well.
i have a good friend who has used the IR film in one of his older trailmaster cameras but don't know much about what camera it uses as the one he has taken the IR film with is about 10 years old .

i seen in a local wal-mart here that they had the IR fim and started to buy some just to see whether it would work or not because i would like to place my cam out on a couple of wildlife refuges that are public hunting areas and this way i could set the cam up witht he flash locked out so as not to give up my cam position to any passerby's.

so if you learn any more whether or not the owl PF will handle the IR film, please keep us informed

i may buy a roll yet just to learn.


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