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Jul 20, 2006
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The Dana Wharf Lady Anglers back from a great 3 dy adventure on the Islander.The first day of fishing they picked up a line of kelps that had been decent fishing for the past four days. Every kelp we looked at was wedged with Yellowtail but for whatever reason, they did not bite all that well. We kept 60 better grade Yellows, 17 Dorado and released dozens of small fish. For the afternoon, we moved to the Albacore area with high hopes of an afternoon bite but it never happened. We managed only 7 Albacore out of three stops before dark. The weather has been nothing short of incredible. Flat calm weather and sunny skies made for great kelp spotting conditions. We fished a number of kelps and ended up with limits of Dorado and a lot more Yellowtail. For the afternoon, we worked out to the Albacore area hoping for biting fish but it wasn't happening. On the last kelp of the day, we wrapped things up with some light-hearted squid fishing which turned into quite the squirtathon. Everybody who participated including the crew ended up soaking wet.Just another great trip on the Islander

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