It took us all day to get 4 coyotes!


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On the first stand we made yesterday morning we heard four different groups of coyotes. I had my shotgun and my buddy JP7mag had his 243 Win.

Two coyotes came in to Pup Distress 3 at about 20 minutes into the stand.

They stopped at about 100 yards out and JP7mag dropped the front coyote with his 243.
IMG_0742 by Robert Morris, on Flickr
Off to a good start with one coyote on the first stand.

About 6 hours and a bunch of blank stands later we set up on the biggest mountain in the area calling off into a very steep canyon.

About 5 minutes into playing Bay Bee Cottontail I saw a coyote running side hill straight towards me. When this coyote got to about 50 yards out it turned to my right so I shot the coyote with my shotgun 3 times.

I could tell it was hit hard 2 times and it disappeared over the ridge and went down into a steep canyon. Luckily the road we were going to drive down was about 500 yards down the steep canyon the coyote ran into.

So JP7mag drove my truck around to get below the coyote and I walked down the steep narrow canyon to look for the coyote.I knew the canyon was steep enough that the coyote would probable stay in the bottom.

After walking about 200 yards down the canyon I could see the coyote laying in the bottom of the canyon below me.
IMG_0745 by Robert Morris, on Flickr
In the above picture you can see the dead coyote laying under a bush in the canyon bottom.
IMG_0749 by Robert Morris, on Flickr
IMG_0750 by Robert Morris, on Flickr
I took this above picture of the canyon the coyote went into from the top of the mountain.

Since we just got a coyote up towards the very top of the mountain we turned the truck around and went back up to make another stand into the same big canyon but we were about 800 yards farther up.

Where I laid down I could only see about 50 yards. JP7mag was about 80 yards to my left and he could see more area than I could.

After calling for about 5 minutes I saw a coyote below me on my right heading up the steep hill towards my Foxpro that was about 15 yards in front of me.

The Coyote stopped when it was about 40 yards from me. I sat up and raised my shotgun up to my shoulder to shoot the coyote. Just as I was about to pull the trigger I saw the coyote flop over dead. LOL

JP7mag had seen the coyote coming way before I did and made a great shot about one tenth of a second before I could. LOL

IMG_0763 by Robert Morris, on Flickr
The above picture is the third coyote of the day.

IMG_0766 by Robert Morris, on Flickr

In the above picture you can see that JP7mag blended in pretty good.

On our way home we made one last stand just as the sun was going down.
We both used rifles on this last stand and JP7mag had a coyote come in on his side to about 100 yards away and stop.

IMG_0789 by Robert Morris, on Flickr
Not very many coyotes that give JP7mag standing shots and get away.

It was a great day!



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Congrats to u all on your successful set's, great write up and pics thnx 4 sharing your predator hunting adventure.....tra

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