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It's not a baby fork horn.


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Finally, I had success during the last week of the season. I passed up a dozen very young fork horn bucks this season.

I killed the buck pictured at about 8:15 A.M. on September 19, 2019. I used my Thompson Center Omega muzzleloader rifle with a Barnes 250-grain T-EZ FB bullet on top of about 129 grains (90 grains scale weight) of Blackhorn 209 powder.

After I first spotted the buck 210 yards away, that was not in an acceptable position to shoot, I trekked a long 35-minute stalk on mostly open ground with an occasional depression for some concealment. It was a task not to be discovered since he was with a doe and a spike. Adding to the difficulty, he was continually moving away from me. After reaching the third hilltop, I stood up to find him about 100 yards away. He became spooked and began running further away. However, he stopped about 150 yards away. Since I knew I didn’t have much time, I took a standing unsupported sniper aim and pulled the trigger.

At first, I thought I missed him because he took off running. I followed him with my binoculars, and after about 75 yards, he dropped dead before he hit the ground. The shot placement was perfect. After gutting him, I discovered the bullet split the heart open. It was the best shot I have ever accomplished.

Deer Hunting Stats:
24 Hunting days
34 Hunting periods
152 Total hours hunted
1 Buck killed





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Wow super congrats Dave! Wtg with the Muzzle for a great outstanding free hand shot, what else to expect from a trained service man to put the shot on the spot. well deserved for your time u put in to find a nice buck, your right it ain't s baby forky horn.....lol enjoy the venison! Thnx 4 sharing!....tra


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It's freakin CRAZY how long they can run...even after a heinous shot like that! Congratulations man. 150yds standing? Bravo!

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