J-16 Tag Question - maybe Litch or Wildlife Branch Know

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Jun 20, 2001
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This is my 15 year old daughter's last year as a junior hunter.

She wants to apply for the J-16 either sex hunt again this year.

We were looking at the digest and on page 25 where it lists the hunt, there is a double asterisk on it. WHen you check the key at the bottom of the page, it says to check the mammal regs to for counties that veto'd these hunts.

Since the regs aren't on line yet, any of you locals know if Nevada or Sierra Counties were one of the counties that Veto'd the doe hunts?

Litch or Wildlife Branch - You hear anything up that way about this? Just curious. Since I hunt out of Jackson Meadows, I have good access to both counties so I hope that it wasn't both counties that veto'd it. If they did, then it will change the way my daughter applies for the premium junior tags. Thanks in advance for any info.

I know I am preaching to the choir, but it really steams me that the counties have veto authority over the management plans put forth by our experts at DFG.


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Mar 24, 2001
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Sorry db, I have not heard anything to that affect around here. Our paper is not the best and especialy when it has to do with any Sportsman related topics, they barely talk about Fishing.

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