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Aug 15, 2001
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I copied this from another web page for all of your amusement. Hope you get as good  a laugh as I did.

   There is no open season on jet skis. It has been closed for years, all over the U.S. But, you CAN pretend to fish for bass and "accidently" catch a few! One of the best lures for this is a 1 oz jigging spoon. Since this "trash" species does not readily bite lures, it is important to wait until they come near, and try to pin your lure to the skin of the jet ski operator. If you can, make a line drive type cast with the big spoon. This will eliminate much of the problem of figuring how much to lead them, as they can travel at various speeds. Use a stout rod and heavy line, and keep a baseball bat handy to dispatch the creature when it gets close to the boat. Many jet ski anglers have been injured while trying to land these sometimes ferocious animals. After dispatching, I find it best to just throw them up on the bank. Some anglers prefer to neuter the creature, so as to keep them from successfully spawning, as in some areas they can quickly overpopulate a lake.

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