JHO Dove season tune up shoot & BBQ Aug 29 at Prado CA.


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Lt. Dann it was an honor shooting clays with you even though you coughed and made my clay fly out early...:smiley_doh: LOL
All part of the master plan! Yeah, that sore throat's turning into a full blown cold as we speak.

It WAS a good time. It was nice to put some faces to names, you all look taller in your avatars!


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Just wanted to say thanks to every that came out. The Bbq and pig was awsome. Wow...I've never experienced a pig like that. Also it seemed like everyone was pretty good :smiley_chain_gun_an. Especially at a tune up..lol Oh and how about those kids...damn they can shoot:thumbs up2:

I brought my father-in-law and my buddy and they had a blast. I think they want to join to forums now.

This was my first JHO event that I have attended and have got to say what a classy and respectful group. I've been on several other forums and attended their events and there seems to be a bunch of knowledgable people within JHO.

Thanks to everyone and I look forward to the next outing.:toast-yellow::JHO rocks:


Thanks everyone for coming and helping out the new shooters. :thumbs up2:Good to put some faces to some screen names too. Huge thanks to Eric (XDhunter) for bringing the pig. I got a little video of the morning, I wish I could have filmed more people shooting as it really helps see where you're doing things right and wrong.

Next year we plan to reserve booth fields so the kids and new shooters can try the easier trap, that skeet is tough for them right out of the gate.

Some have asked about a tune up shoot and BBQ for the quail opener in Oct. I may be in MO the weeks before the CA quail opener but I'll see what we can do.


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Same thing here... even though i lost the place we hunt in Niland due to urbanization, i'am still wanting to go....

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