JHO/Tejon Memorial Day POR


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Hey fellas... it's about that time.

No poems yet from me, but it is about time to start the detailed discussions, BS talking, big-pig pools, and whatever else we do on these events!

I do want to point out though, that based on some of the discussions we've had here regarding past JHO hunts, some folks have asked me if it really is the liquor-fueld bacchanalia that it sometimes sounds like. Well, I didn't realize how much we talked about drinking, but I want to assure most readers (especially any wives, mothers, or girlfriends reading this) that the event is actually not about drinking at all... that's just testosterone and excitement bringing out the smack talk and silliness.

Sure, we may tip a couple back around camp in the evenings, and no apologies for that fact. But while it may sound like the spirits flow continuously, that's not really how it is. In fact, given that late May/early June offer about 16 hours of continuous daylight (hunting time), most of the hunters are up at around 0400 and don't even get back to camp until close to 2200. The majority of that time is spent in the hills, chasing hogs and dodging 90 degree heat. That doesn't leave a lot of time or energy for the hard-core partying that is sometimes described here to actually take place.

Point being, I know we talk a lot, but I don't want folks to get the idea that this event is really about something it has nothing to do with. Maybe us fellas can tone down the drinking chatter a little bit (keep it fun, but remember moderation), and that'll help with the general perception.

OK...that's enough serious stuff for now.


I'll be at the Flying J around 0800 on Friday morning, May 25 for the traditional pre-hunt breakfast. Who else will be along for that?

We'll meet at the Tejon Office parking lot (just off I-5 at Lebec) at 1000. When Barbara is ready, between 1030 and 1100, we'll proceed into the conference room for orientation and paperwork processing. Most of you guys have been through this before. For those who haven't, it's a mandatory part of the event so please don't drag your butt.

As always, if there's any reason you can't be at Tejon by 1030 on Friday morning, PLEASE let me know ASAP...preferably well before the event so we can make arrangements. The only access is through a locked gate, so someone will have to be available to process you, provide your orientation, and let you in.

Nuff for now... let's get it going on!
On it for the breakfast...I'm blasting off directly from work at 3:30 Thursday and stopping off for an evening of rest and relaxation at the beautiful resort town of Lost Hills.


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So is this still a clothes optional hunt as in the past. I guess if we have to tone down the drinking, we'll all at least have to run around in camp in undies, right?.... Kieth and I will be at breakfast. I will bring the scale and about 9000ft of rope! How about wood. Are the fire restrictions in place yet or are we going to have a campfire? Come on 25th....hronk


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I'll be there for breakfast and as long as it's OK with Barbara I'll help with the gate over the weekend. I'm headed up this Saturday sometime to do a little scouting.



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<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
we'll all at least have to run around in camp in undies, right?....[/b]
Thongs only. Plain white undies are too bougeois.

We're all over it.


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Yo Speck,

In addition to campfires, just want to be sure that BBQs aren't a problem. It ain't camping unless I toss a tritip on the Q...


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Question: Where is the flying J? I am heading up from Riverside, so if you could post a few directions, that would be very cool.

I'm dragging my fifth wheel, (house) and I think I know how to get to the Tejon office off the 5.

Sorry, my first pig hunt and way out of my comfort zone

I really can't wait!!!

One Track

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"All my rowdy friends done rowdied on down...."

Fires - they usually allow us to have fires within in a contained cage of sorts, washing machine tub, or an enclosed fire ring contraption. But, if the wind is howling 40mph, it wouldn't be prudent to have a fire, period. It's usually not an issue. No need to bring firewood. The ranch has an endless supply. Just throw some logs in the truck when you're out huntin'.

Check in is at Tejon HQ. From the 5, exit Fort Tejon. HQ is on the east of the 5.
Flying J is located about five mile south of HQ at the Frazier Park exit.

Yee ha!




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Couple of quick notes.

Yes, Hangovers DO hurt worse than they used to... but Iced Tea and Cornbread ain't quite replaced the 90 proof.

Not wanting to put any kind of damper on the fun, just that it was pointed out to me how talk of getting "likkered up" often overwhelms the actual hunting on these threads here on the forum, and gives the wrong idea about our event. No reason we can't have as much fun as always at Tejon.

Anyway, as to BBQs... no problem with them at all... especially gas grills. If you're burning charcoal, watch your sparks, and don't dump your coals until they're absolutely cold and out. The cherry stays hot for a LONG time, and as I almost learned the hard way (burnt up a recycle bin and almost set my house on fire), even a couple days later they can still be dangerous.

As to fires... OneTrack is dead on with that one except, PLEASE don't go out scavenging huge piles of firewood. I don't think the Ranch would appreciate us collecting firewood, even though there appears to be plenty of it laying around. It's best if you can bring some along. Construction scrap (untreated, please) works great. Or maybe someone has a little extra on the wood pile at home that they won't mind tossing in with the camp gear.

And whatever you do... DO NOT CUT LIVE TREES.

One Track

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No damper Bubbie. It's true. We hunt hard. There's only a few hours left at night to tip a few cold ones, and do some major bs'n. Can't get too crazy in just a few short hours. 4am comes early!


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Has anyone seen the skinning rack lately? I was wondering if I should bring tools to give it some mantainance. If so, what does it need?



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I think we need to start a pool on who will suffer a little injury and what the nature of the injury is. I'm sure some bookie in vegas can work the odds out
Leg stabbing, dislocations, gun blow up, truck off the ridge, you know the usual stuff

J/K, stay safe ya'll and have a great trip. I wish I was going on this one as the wing is healed up enough now but I will be throwing back cold ones with Backcountry in Vegas and toasting his arrival to the over 40 club. Damn he's old now


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<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (BDB @ May 9 2007, 04:32 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
J/K, stay safe ya'll and have a great trip. I wish I was going on this one as the wing is healed up enough now but I will be throwing back cold ones with Backcountry in Vegas and toasting his arrival to the over 40 club. Damn he's old now
Damn kids.

Powerman, good question. If I get to talk to Barbara again, I'll check and see how it's fared since last year.
I'll bring a few armloads of firewood.

I think Speckmisser is just trying to avoid a repeat of last year where he stayed up to 2am sunday morning while sampling fine tequilas.

Since I'll be tagging out friday afternoon at my secret, secret spot - I'll have the luxury of sleeping in every morning.


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"Since I'll be tagging out friday afternoon at my secret, secret spot " Psst hey Scott can I guide the tours through this one??..It's O.K Rancho your secret is safe with us


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I'll take a look at the skinning rack this weekend and let you know powerman. It looked OK last month when I saw it, but I wasn't really paying attention.

DILPRXO, no need to guide, I'm gonna pick up a bunch of those kids that swing signs for the housing tracts on the weekends and have them lined up all the way to Rancho's "secret" spot


One Track

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The skinnin' rack looked great back in March. The only damage it has suffered would be the beer holders. I think the cows snapped 'em off. Or, could have been 600lb boars that only come out a night, Monday - Thursday.


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Well, heck, gone and done it. App is in the mail. I haven't hunted with any of you before and to tell you the truth, I'm scared. And in a lot of trouble with the girlfriend. Oh well. Won't be the last time.

I've seen references in Tejon discussions about snake boots. Do people consider them essential or just prudent? I'd rather not buy a pair if I don't have to.

Looking forward to meeting you all in a couple of weeks.

Don't be skeered...Well, you should watch out for OneTrack, but the rest of us are cool.

For any folks traveling Thursday night and staying at a motel, I'd suggest making a rez at the fleabag of your choice. You never know how many people will get an early jump on the three day weekend and load them up. The Motel 6 in Buttonwillow is the low-price leader for me at $35.

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