JHO Tuna trip 2007


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I missed the first JHO ham slam in 4 years and now this.
I hope you guys slaughter them. I will be flying back for a 5 day trip hoping to break the #200 range this year on the Independence leaving SD on August 8th and returning the 13th. We got the two forward state rooms, only been waiting for 2 years for this trip. Let's get them boys.


Let's go fishing!!!!!

I know a couple good Captains.

July should have the Albies close they are the best fighting tuna for their size.

Good luck Superduty those cows will put you to your knees......bring knee pads they do work.


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Wake up call to a sleeping post.

I'm trying to get a few takers for this trip.

Follow this link. Condor

Let's go get some Albies and Yellows.

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